Weymouth Pianos

Covid-19 Update

19th July 2021

Although restrictions have now been lifted, we feel that sensible precautions should still be taken to keep our customers and ourselves as safe as possible.

Please click here if you wish to see the rules on the official gov.uk website.

Our service is operating as normal but due to the Covid-19 situation, especially the newly discovered variant, for everyone’s safety, we must ask you to make a note of our new terms and conditions for our tuning and repair services.

Terms & Conditions

We will still be asking that;

On your part: We will ask that before we arrive, the room that the piano is in is well aired and that you leave a window open slightly for ventilation whilst our tuner is working.

Everything is removed from the top of the piano.

On our arrival, social distancing will be observed to at least 2 metres.

You do not stay in the same room as the piano tuner.

Payment to be put in an envelope if paying by cheque (please make cheque payable to Weymouth Pianos Ltd) or cash and left ready, or pay by bank transfer if possible.

You must let us know as soon as possible if you or a member of your household is feeling unwell so that the appointment can be rescheduled.

On our part: We will sanitize our hands upon arrival.

We will keep to social distancing rules.

Discussions with you regarding your piano will be taken at least 2 metres apart.

We will wipe the piano keys over with a suitable cleaner before we start tuning and again after tuning.

We will gladly comply if you have any additional requirements.

We must regrettably decline all offers of refreshments.

We will cancel our appointment if we or a member of our household is feeling unwell.

If you are having doubts about having us in your home, think what would you do if, for example, your gas boiler broke down and you had no heating or hot water. How would you go about getting the boiler fixed? What measures would you put in place to keep yourself safe?

To arrange an appointment: Please fill in the contact form below or phone on 01305 783443. We will then be able to arrange a suitable time for a visit.