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This Schimmel model 118 traditional 7 1/4 octave upright Piano is finished in walnut satin. This superb instrument was made in 1985 and is a top quality German piano tuned to A440. These pianos are currently retailing for over nine thousand pounds new. This example is in excellent working order but some slight fading to the right hand side. This is an absolute bargain at £2500.00.

Dimensions: Length 150cm/59", Height 117cm/46", Depth 53.5cm/21".

Price: £2500.00.


This Kemble classic 7 octave upright Piano is finished in a mahogany polyester. The piano was made in the early 1980s, is tuned to A440, and is in good working and cosmetic order. This instrument makes an excellent sound for such a small piano.

Dimensions: Length 150cm/51", Height 105cm/41.5", Depth 47cm/18.5".

Price: £850.00.


This is a Yamaha SOLD 7 1/4 octave upright piano which was originally sold new by us 27 years ago and is finished in a dark satin mahogany case. This Yamaha piano is in excellent condition, inside and out, and all in fantastic working order. The piano is tuned to A440 and has superior tone for a piano of this size.

Dimensions: Length 58.25" 148cm, Height 42.5" 108cm, Depth 21.25" 54cm.

Price: £1395.00 SOLD

Grotrian Steinweg

This Grotrian Steinweg SOLD 170 model grand piano was made in Germany in 1924. This top quality model is finished in a polished dark mahogany case and is tuned to A440. The excellent action and ivory keys have been renovated along with new damper felts. This is a musician's instrument which sounds and plays superbly.

Dimensions: Length 67" 170cm, Height 39.5" 100cm, Width 59" 150cm.

Price: £2995.00 SOLD


Modern Zender SOLD 7 octave upright piano, made in London in approximately 1982. Finished in a medium mahogany case. In good working order and in nice all round condition, tuned to A440. The Zender piano is the smallest 7 octave piano available.

Dimensions: Length 52" 132cm, Height 38.5" 98cm, Depth 19" 48cm.

Price: £850.00 SOLD


This Eavestaff SOLD 7 1/4 octave upright piano was sold by us new in 1988 and is finished in a medium mahogany case. This piano has had hardly any use and is still like new inside. The case has some fading where it has been left in the sun. The piano is in very good working order and is tuned to A440. The Eavestaff piano has superb tone for any piano of this size.

Dimensions: Length 55.5" 141cm, Height 42" 107cm, Depth 22" 56cm.

Price: £900.00 SOLD

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