Our Restoration service breathes new life into old or worn instruments, helping realise their value as beautiful pieces of craftsmanship.

Just about anything can be done - from restoring the keys or action - to completely rebuilding the entire piano.

We assess each piano restoration project individually. Not all pianos are worth the cost of restoring but we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you and decide the best way forward.

Work that we regularly carry out includes :
  • Action overhaul
  • key restoration
  • Restringing
  • Repolishing
  • Soundboard repairs
We can now also repair cracks in Iron Frames. This is a very useful service if you have one of those lovely Bechstein pianos which were built in the early 1900's. Modern technology has come up with a successful way of repairing these frames which up until a few years ago was almost impossible.

If you are interested in having some loving restoration work done on your piano, please just give us a call on 01305 783443.

Case Study

In 2001 we undertook the restoration of an 1890's Bechstein Grand.

The piano was finished in black french polish. We started by removing a layer of the french polish to see what lay underneath. We discovered a beautiful rosewood veneer.

We then stripped it completely, re-stained and re-polished in a clear polish to bring out the beauty of the rosewood.

The music desk was actually missing so we manufactured a new music desk based on records of the original design.

Rosewood revealed

New music desk

The result!
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